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Diego M

In the year 2003 the brand DIEGO M comes to life, thanks to the thirty years of experience and to the ability of trendsetter of its founders, finding out new scenaries in fashion. Diego M reinvent the concept of outerwear, enhancing it with fashion details and contemporary influence, adding colors, fabrics, new lines and a new kind of wearability to cater for customers with a keen eye for changing trends.

Every idea from DIEGO M is presented with eclectic flair, it’s elegant and eminently wearable, some garments are reversible and can be mixed and matched to create a magical blend of luxury and sportswear. The continuous search for tailoring of the highest quality and skilfully crafted to “blow” life into fabrics and leathers and the right mood, communicates the high quality of the creations branded DIEGO M and gives a company image that, thanks to the care of each small details by Diego’s wife Manuela, represent the unique style of the company.

Diego M Belgrade – Store locations

MIAMAYA – Rajićeva shopping centar, Knez Mihailova 54 – 11000 Belgrade
+381 11 770 20 52