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The popular French brand Kenzo was created in 1970 in Paris as a courtesy of a talented Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. He did not want to adhere to the strict rules of high fashion and he wanted to prove that one can be an artist accepted by the general public.

Although the primary Kenzo logo was decorated with floral motifs, at the turn of the new century Kenzo was transformed into a brand for the brave and courageous, as evidenced by the tiger’s head, which is the indispensable staple of the Kenzo collection.

Kenzo experienced transformation with the arrival of Felipe Baptiste, the new creative director who put Kenzo on the path of athleisure style and began to rule the fashion scene again, thanks to his clear forms and bold designs.

Kenzo Belgrade – Store locations

MIAMAYA – Rajićeva shopping centar,
Knez Mihailova 54 – 11000 Belgrade
+381 11 770 20 52