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Zadig & Voltaire

A new wave of French fashion began in the late 90s when high fashion began mixing with street style. One of the first brands to start with this approach and introduce rock and roll back to fashion scene is the French brand Zadig & Voltaire, backed by the creative couple Thierry Gillier and Cécilia Bönström.

There are many interesting facts about this chic French brand. For starters, brand founder Thierry Gillier comes from a very fashion-oriented family, where he was surrounded by it from an early age, as his grandfather Andre was one of the founders of the popular French brand Lacoste, which has helped him realize that fashion exists to be innovative and of service to people.

The very name of the brand speaks a lot about its’ philosophy, having in mind that the brand bears the name of the famous French philosopher Voltaire and his work Zadig. Finding inspiration in Voltaire’s revolutionary thought, French lifestyle and muses like Jane Birkin – Zadig & Voltaire is a French brand that epitomizes affordable luxury.
The basic rule of the Zadig & Voltaire is to discard “labels”, be brave and walk on your own.

Zadig & Voltaire Belgrade – Store locations

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