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– Sanja

In 2019, Sanja officially celebrated 20 years of working for the company. She began her career in 1999 as a salesman and later as a manager. Shortly after, she moved to the official office of the company and became the administrative and business secretary. It is difficult to describe the entire scope of work that Sanja does on a day-to-day basis, and her responsibilities are spread over many areas of the company’s business.

We can say that Sanja is the administrative guru in the morning and sales mightiness in the afternoon. When asked why she was willing to stay with the company for so long, she replied: “I feel loyalty to Benetton as a brand, but above all I feel loyalty to the people I work with because I practically grew up in this company. Throughout my time at the firm, I have gained a sense of absolute trust in my colleagues.“

– Ljilja

Ljilja started her career at the company in 2001 as a salesman in the company’s first official store, Benetton. Shortly after that, she became a supervisor, and after that, in 2008, she received the title of Benetton Brand Manager at the company. Thanks to her dedicated work and energy, after three years Ljilja became the Director of sales for the Benetton brand.

Her current job requires a high level of analytical skills and work on large pools of data – based on statistical reports, numbers and other useful information she can obtain, her job includes drawing conclusions and proposing actions. Thanks to Ljilja, the Belgrade market has the best Benetton clothing offering, in line with world trends. She describes her time in the company using these words: “The team spirit and good energy between the people in the company is something I value very much and consider as a great success factor. I’ve felt that spirit every day for the past 18 years working for the company, which is why I’m still here. “

– Borka

Borka is a perfect example of a woman who became a successful manager in both stable and innovative company. She started her career in 2007 in the Benetton store, the children’s department. With her dedicated work, innovative ideas and devotion, she quickly became the head of the children’s department.

“I have always wanted to grow and fulfill my ambitions and the company has recognized this and had invested in my improvement constantly,” said Borka. At the opening of the first premium store, Borka also distinguished herself as a woman of confidence and trust and she was given the position of the shop manager of Weekend Max Mara, and after that the Miamaya Fashion Concept Store.

After spending 12 years at the company, her advice for new colleagues is to look at their jobs and careers long-term and invest in their knowledge and skills.

– Jasmina

Jasmina began her career at the company as a saleswoman in the Benetton store in 2010. As a very educated lady, she also holds a diploma and is a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Today, she proudly claims that fashion has become her great passion while working for the company. With her cheerful spirit, she always instilled a positive atmosphere, and she always selflessly shared her knowledge with her colleagues. This helped her gain the authority that was necessary for the position of Deputy Dhop Manager, which she soon became. Later on, she improved her skills in premium shops such as Weekend MaxMara.

Jasmina is now the Deputy Shop Manager of the Miamaya Fashion Concept Store and her main belief is that “How capable you are is not a matter of paper or diploma, but a natural gift, desire and effort to learn and apply your knowledge.”


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