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Red Valentino

Imagine you are about to step into a ballet hall. Inside that hall you see beautifully styled ballerinas dancing with such virtue wearing the latest Red Valentino collection. The main inspiration for this brand’s Fall / Winter 2019 collection is, in one word: ballet.

The delicate pink color that is very characteristic for ballet costumes is the dominant color on new Red Valentino dresses. They are long, elegant and look powerful in movement and dance. The once unimaginable but currently sensational combination of this soft pink color and the fire red color is an necessary part of this season. Every ballet has its black swan, so Red Valentino puts a lot of emphasis on this color. Elegance is achieved by combining black lace as a timeless classic. Pieces with floral print on black is also a must have this season. If you’re ready, come and play this virtuos Red Valentino ballet.