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Weekend Chaotic Elegance

The new Fall / Winter 2019 Weekend MaxMare collection is about to enter a whole new dimension. Inspired by the works of a well-known Japanese-Italian artist named Ritsue Mishima, the collection, with its designs and bold patterns, is a from the comfort zone of the brand.

Ritsue Mishima is a unique artist who spent most of her life as a designer and sculptor, and is known mostly for the vases created with colorless Murano glass.

This capsule collection represents the very fusion of Italy and Japan and in some ways reflects the identity of the artist herself. One can notice the bold designs inspired by Japanese culture, but also the dose of famous Italian timeless elegance. The collection is dominated by feminine skirts and dresses covered in orange red and browns which are a big hit this fall. With her skills, Ritsue Mishima has really been able to bring a “chaotic” moment into this famous Italian brand.