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Marella svetli kaput od vune

Marella is a part of the MaxMara Fashion Group and through its collections represents an Italian sophisticated sense of fashion.

Marella – A brand for 24/7 styled women

Recognizing the dynamic times we live in, the Marella brand creates pieces that are suitable for all occasions – they can be worn during the day but are also great for the evening, with a great value for money. A modern woman who works, travels, and has many responsibilities, can always rely on Marella collections, which make a woman feel superbly styled 24 hours a day.

The Fall-Winter 2019 collection is dominated by a mix of pastel and vibrant colors with a striking geometric print that tells us to step boldly and love fully.

Marella Belgrade – Store locations

TC Fontana – Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 86-90 – 11111 Belgrade
+381 11 30 20 638